Mantis Burn Racing Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

VooFoo Studios had a pretty big claim to fame when they originally released Mantis Burn Racing last year, as they proudly stated that they were the first game on PlayStation 4 Pro to run at native 4K, but that’s a  little bit moot on most other platforms. Today they’re announcing that the game is to be released for Nintendo Switch in a bundle that will include all of the DLC from the original game.


There’s no release date for this announcement, but it won’t be too long before  you’ll be able to get your fix of top down racing on Nintendo’s latest console.

Source: press release

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  1. Been playing the new pesky Combat DLC for this, this week. The buggers put a 680 gear limit on the final event, meaning you have to go back through most of the rest of the game and obtain sufficient gears from events not related to the DLC, just to gain access to the last DLC event. It’s rather frustrating and an unnecessary requirements imo.

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