The Elder Scrolls Online Free Play Week Runs From April 11th Until April 18th

Bethesda has confirmed that from tomorrow, April 11th, anyone who has an Xbox One, PC, Mac or PS4 will have the chance to play The Elder Scrolls Online for free for the next week.  The trial will allow people to experience all sections of the base game, allowing people to experience the various locations of Tamriel and the quests that are within. During the free play week The Elder Scrolls Online will be discounted should you decide you want to continue playing it.

If you do choose to opt to purchase The Elder Scrolls Online you won’t have to worry about starting over as your character, items. quest progression, and Crowns will carry over. The free play download should be available from 3PM BST.

Source: Press Release

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  1. Good move making it a week long trial, it’s something like 70gb now so most will need a few hours at least to download it!

  2. The free trial looks like it’s live.

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