“Prepare to Dine” Tease Bandai Namco

A new teaser has been unveiled by Bandai Namco which depicts a very dark and artsy game with the use of silhouettes being a somewhat remnant blend of Death Note, Tokyo Ghoul and Samurai Jack. The trailer doesn’t explain anything, but there does seem to be a vampiric theme to the trailer, with red liquid being licked from fanged lips, lots of blood, and a silhouette of a humanoid morphing in to a creature

The game looks like it’ll incorporate sword play and some unusual enemies, but everything suggested is purely speculation at this point.



Interestingly enough, the Japanese version of the trailer ends with the date of the 20th April 2017 instead of the “prepare to dine” tagline in which the western trailer appears to have, so we’ll be sure to learn more closer to the time.

Source: YouTube

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  1. Maybe they’ve got the rights to castlevania from Konami. Konami don’t seem to be doing much with it.

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