Next Week’s Final Fantasy XV Update Adds A “Stable Mode” For PS4 Pro

If there’s one thing that PlayStation owners love, it’s patches that increase stability – Nintendo Switch owners get added pleasantness instead – and now Square Enix are getting in on the act with an update to Final Fantasy XV that’s set to release on Thursday, 27th April.

They’re adding a new “Stable Mode” in the PS4 Pro options, the sole purpose of which is to stabilise the game’s frame rate on the console. A previous patch – 1.05 released back in February – altered the options available to players on Pro, changing the “Lite” mode from being 1080p locked to 30fps to having an unlocked frame rate, resulting in a jerkier experience with poor frame pacing. “Stable Mode” would seem to restore this to the previous locked frame rate.


There’s also a few other changes, such as adding Time Quest rankings and new songs in the music player.

The list of changes is as follows:

  • New “Stable Mode” added to the PlayStation 4 Pro resolution options. With this mode, you can comfortably enjoy playing the game with a stable frame rate.
  • Subtitles, as well as some menu screen text sizes have been enlarged.
  • Timed Quests will start up again, and a new ranking feature has been added. You can get a wonderful weapon as an initial reward.
  • New car stickers added for Regalia customization.
  • New songs added to the music player.

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  1. “New songs added to the music player”
    Please be songs from Nier Automata!
    I was so impressed with how good it was that I left the game running so I could listen to it while reading (until someone added it to YouTube).

  2. Been a while since I last played this. Will probably wait until the summer. Good to know that there’s a smoother graphics mode now – always prefer FPS to resolution.

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