Night Trap 25th Anniversary Edition Confirmed For PS4 And Xbox One

Well this is something I don’t think anyone expected to happen. Screaming Villains has dropped an annoucement in which it is confirmed that the Sega CD cheesy FMV title Night Trap is getting a re-release on PS4 and Xbox One. Furthermore the PS4 version will receive a limited physical release through Limited Run Games. A PC version hasn’t been confirmed but it isn’t off the table.


In Night Trap you monitor a home and your mission is to protect the girls within from an encroaching horde of vampires, using cameras and traps to subdue the creatures. Night Trap has quite the reception around it with the game being divisive, with some enjoying the ride while others may call it one of the worst games ever. You’ll get to decide that soon if you pick it up.

Oh, you can also grab the theme song for free.

Source: Youtube

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  1. Oh my god, the nostalgia! I freaking loved this as a kid, I marvelled at the technological wonder.

    Oh how times have moved on. This is a must buy for me though, even though it’s going to smash my rose tinted spectacles to tiny pieces.

    • Woah! If you’re getting it on Playstation, you should be more worried about protecting the girls from an encroaching double-o-dave, let alone the horde of vampires!

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