Sega Made An Actual Warhammer 40,000 Power Fist, Punched Things With It

I’m more of a Power Axe person, myself, with the blue electricity that arcs across the axe head just feeling that little bit cooler than a big fist, but there’s something undeniably amusing about the thought of Sega creating a Power Fist from the Warhammer 40,000 universe and then punching things with it. That’s exactly what they did, to herald this week’s release of Dawn of War III.


It weighs 22lbs or just a shade under 10kg, and can deliver 3300 Newtons of force, with all of this power and weight meaning it needs a harness to support the weight.

The majority of that weight is actually in the knuckles, made of weapons grade aluminium and weighing 6.5kg on their own, with components not too dissimilar to a pneumatic drill making it punch like a really punchy thing…

Sadly, this won’t ever come to market as a real product – thankfully avoiding that awkward moment when your boyfriend or girlfriend asks “Does my fist look big in this?” – but Dawn of War III is out tomorrow for PC. You can catch our review of the game here, as the series returns after a long 8 year wait for a sequel to Dawn of War II.

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  1. I want that for my work!

  2. That would make for one night to remember. ;)

    I wonder if the Daily rags will try to imply that gamers are rising up because of this?

    As for the fist, why have one when you can have two? What? Two power fists equal twice the kill, twice the EXP and gory fun!

    Not that I would ever use it for petty revenge against TSAers that scorned me in the past or on the community team for reasons that I have yet to think of.

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