Apparent Assassin’s Creed Origins Screenshot Shows An Assassin On A Boat

We know a new Assassin’s Creed game is in development and we know news about it is expected sooner rather than later. What we don’t officially know is the setting but for time different signs and stories have been pointing to an Assassin’s Creed set in Ancient Egypt. Of course Ubisoft haven’t commented on the rumours, but now it appears those rumours hold water. A new apparent leaked screenshot for what has become known as Assassin’s Creed Origins shows a character on a small boat.


According to Reddit, where the image first popped up, the game is mainly being developed by the Black Flag team, who know a thing about boats. The objective on the left says Assassinate the Crocodile, which I am assuming is a title for a character and not an actual crocodile. The second says Follow Shadya to Khenut’s Villa. The name Khenut could refer to a queen of Ancient Egypt. According to Wikipedia Khenut was around during the Fifth Dynasty which lasted from 2494 to 2345 BC, so Origins could be the correct name and the story could be about the founding of the Assassin’s guild.

Of course this is all rumour yet but we should hear more soon.

Source: Reddit/NeoGAF

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  1. Yes, the Black Flag team might know a thing about boats. They didn’t seem to know anything about Assassin’s Creed games though. So if it really is the same team responsible, that’s a bit disappointing.

    And a big leap backwards in time seems odd after Unity and Syndicate.

    • Regardless of how authentic an Assassin’s Creed game Black Flag was, IMO at least, it was definitely one of the best games in the series.

  2. Black Flag team?

    Sign me up. The only game in that series that was actually fun to play.

  3. If this game really is set in Ancient Egyptian times, it’s already the best Assassins Creed game ever.

    Brotherhood and Black Flag are the best in the series for me, so I’m happy with the news.

  4. Thought it was a new series on BBC 2,but Black flag was a good game so this might turn out decent.

  5. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MOTHERFECKING MONOPOLY MONEY! Oh wait, i forgot, it’s a single boat and the image barely gives me any interest along with the franchise not having long enough to rest. Seriously, they are still doing yearly games. Granted, the last lot weren’t full AC ones but still.

    And for boats, they have BF to beat. If it’s not as good as BF’s sailing mechanics, combat and shanties, it shanty be a good game. Get it? Shanty? Shan’t? GEDDUPT! LAUGH DANG IT! :P

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