The Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Sale Is Now Underway

One of the advantages of having an Xbox One is knowing that you can still use your Xbox 360 library. Sure a game may not be available as backwards compatible yet but it is certain more games will be added in the future. If you fancy playing some of the titles from last gen on the Xbox One you may be interested in the backwards compatibility sale.

Highlights of it include Red Dead Redemption for £9.99, with Undead Nightmare priced at £3.37. Staying on the Rockstar train Bully Scholarship edition is £5.99. Recent addition Call Of Duty: Black Ops II is priced at £15.99. You can view the rather extensive list through here.


That’s not all as some Xbox One titles have also received discounts as you have a Gold subscription. This includes Destiny The Collection for £32.49, Forza Horizon 3 with Expansion Pass for £75.14, and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst for £8.25. Again the full list can be seen at this page.

Source: Major Nelson

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  1. Feels like we hardly ever hear anything about the XB1 anymore.

    To be fair I haven’t been following the Xbox news. Just feels likes it’s been super quiet on the Xbox front. Do we know if they plan to continue support the original XB1 once Scorpio hits the shelves?

    Feels a little like the Wii U / Switch transitional period.

    Decent sale though.

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