Golf Story Revealed For Nintendo Switch, Out Summer

Sidebar Games has revealed its upcoming game for the Nintendo Switch in the form of Golf Story, which seems to by a hybrid of golfing and a RPG. In it players take on the role of a golfer who is taking one more shot at a dream of being a a professional golfer, but the action on the course is only half the battle. Off the course the golfer will have to deal with the other golfers and learn how to thrive in that community. As you do this you can upgrade your golfer so they become better.


Golf Story has eight different environments each with their own towns and characters to interact with, as well as challenges to overcome. There are extra events too like drone racing, lawn mowing, and geocaching. Golf Story is expected to release this summer.

Source: Sidebar Games

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  1. It looks like a Nintendo do game from 2004. Lazy developers can’t be arsed to make graphics that look even remotely reasonable in this day and age.

  2. If you’re going to do a hybrid of golf and RPG, the best way to do it is wizard golf. Be an utter arse to your mate by summoning a demon to nick the ball. Or cheat using magic to move the ball. Not erm… this.

    I mean, it’s golf. It’s er…. basic. You play golf. End of. In fact, it seems to be closer to a career mode of a golf game then a mix of RPG and golf. I can’t see how it will be exciting. Will the quests have such classics as “Polish the balls?” “Stroke your club.” “Drive the cart.” I’m not even trying to be smutty here. Literally all i can think of as examples for quests.

    It’s going to be convulted fetch quests isn’t it??

    I would love to be so very wrong about this game and it surprises everyone but golf? And no wizards. No fantasy things. Heck, the last golf game that i recall is well, it involved frogs as the ball. I can’t recall what it was called. Twas on the PS2. Played the demo. Twas fun.

    But this? Golf story? Seriously?

    As in, seriously? SERIOUSLY!? Is this Nintendo’s answer to VCR golf? I mean, golf. As an RPG. I’m willing to do a ton of micromanagement in games. I love levelling up, customising etc.. but golf? Surely, Wrestling would have been a better subject? Granted, it would be rather hard to do due to copyrights. Or a fighting game. Heck, A fighting game x RPG would be interesting.

    But golf?

    It’s golf.

    It’s bloody golf. No, i’m not going to let it go. Golf as an RPG?


    Who…. golf?

    Fecking Golf. Fecking. Golf.

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