The PlayStation Gear Store Is Now Open For Business In The UK, France, And Germany

Sony has been running a PlayStation Gear online store for a while in America, offering a number of PlayStation and PlayStation related apparel and items. Now Sony has confirmed that the store is now open for business in the UK, France, and Germany, allowing people from these terrirories to pick up clothing inspired by the likes of Horizon: Zero Dawn , God Of War, and Uncharted.

If you fancy a t-shirt for example most seem to fall at around the £16.99 price, while hoodies vary from £39.99 to £59.99. If you’re in to collectables then there are the choices of framed prints with almost all priced at £16.99, or you can get a Horizon Zero Dawn artbook for £22.99. In the figures section there’s only an Agent 47 statue so far, priced at £46.99.


If you want to have a browse you can access the PlayStation Gear store right here.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. Yeaa…noooo. Not at those prices. Call me a tight git but i rather spend £16.99 on a game then a hoodie. For £59.99, i could buy 10 PS3 games, fish and chips and still have some cash left over.

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