Supergiant Games’ Pyre Is Out On 25th July

Following on from the critically acclaimed Bastion and Transistor, Supergiant’s third game is Pyre, a new RPG adventure with a fair few twists that is coming out on 25th July for PS4 and PC, it was announced today.

Pyre isn’t just a single player RPG adventure, it takes a rather different path to what they’ve done before. Firstly, it’s now a party based game, compared to their single protagonists of Bastion and Transistor, and those parties battle in three-on-three fights known as Rites, with the objective being to extinguish the opposing side’s signal flame. Curiously, there’s no game over, with each defeat simply being a stumble on your overall journey and the narrative shifting to flow around your victories and losses.


Most interestingly is that this is also a multiplayer game. A Versus Mode, which features in the most recent trailer below, lets you play against a friend or a CPU opponent in a ritual showdown.

After their first two games, I’m rather eager to see how Pyre pans out, and I’m definitely looking forward to Darren Korb’s soundtrack!

Source: EU PS Blog

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