Tokyo RPG Factory’s Next Game Is Lost Sphear For PS4, Switch & PC

It would have been something of a surprise for Tokyo RPG Factory’s second game to be anything but an RPG, and their second game is set to follow in the footsteps of their first, I Am Setsuna, as a classically style JRPG. Lost Sphear (which should be read as “Lost Sphere”) is coming to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Steam in early 2018.


The game follows a young boy named Kanata who wakes from a nightmare to discover that his remote little hometown has completely vanished. He must set out with a group of comrades to try and rebuild the world using the power of Memory and turning thoughts into matter.

It’s a brand new world and narrative, but it expands upon the gameplay of I Am Setsuna, with a revamped Active Time Battle system so that players can adjust placement mid-fight, and with  with seamless environments to explore.


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