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EA Play Conference

  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 is played live on stage [1]
  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 alpha/beta testing goes live during E3 [2]
  • A new Knights of the Old Republic title is announced [4]
  • The single-player Star Wars game directed by Amy Hennig is given a title [2]
  • A new entry in the Burnout franchise is announced [5]
  • New gameplay footage for FIFA 18 and Madden 18 is shown [1]
  • An American sporting personality makes an appearance [1]
  • Someone mentions EA Access [1]
  • A new IP by a major EA development house [10]
  • EA quietly forget Mass Effect Andromeda exists. [2]

Microsoft’s E3 Conference

  • Scorpio’s US release date and price announced [1]
  • Scorpio is priced within $50 of the PS4 Pro [3]
  • Microsoft reveal their own VR Headset [5]
  • HoloLens is demoed on stage [2]
  • Crackdown 3 is played on stage [1]
  • A new Halo game is announced [2]
  • Forza 7 is a Scorpio launch title [1]
  • Fable 4 is announced [8]
  • Cuphead’s release date is finally confirmed [4]
  • A new Tomb Raider game is announced in Microsoft’s show [1]
  • Rare’s Sea of Thieves gets a release date [2]
  • Sea of Thieves beta testing kicks off after the show [3]
  • Scalebound re-announced with new developer [5]
  • Microsoft borrow Sony’s current slogan and describe Scorpio as “The most powerful game console in the world” [2]
  • Kinect is mentioned [5]
  • Psyche! A new Remedy Xbox One exclusive is announced! [10]

Bethesda’s E3 Conference

  • Dishonored 3 is announced [5]
  • A new Wolfenstein game is announced [2]
  • A new Elder Scrolls game is announced [2]
  • Open space RPG game ‘Starfield’ is revealed [3]
  • Fallout 5 is revealed [7]
  • Prey DLC revealed [2]
  • Evil Within 2 [2]
  • Wet 2 [99]
  • History repeats itself as a new Elder Scrolls Online Expansion announced with over-enthusiastic audience member [5]

PC Gaming Show

  • Half-Life 3 is announced [5]
  • Gabe Newell makes an appearance [3]
  • Total War: Warhammer II’s fourth race revealed [1]

Ubisoft’s E3 Conference

  • A Just Dance stage demo involves a celebrity [2]
  • Far Cry 5 is played on stage [1]
  • The new Assassin’s Creed is set in Egypt [2]
  • The Crew 2 is played on stage [1]
  • The Crew 2 is set in Europe this time [3]
  • Trey Parker and Matt Stone appear on stage again [2]
  • Mario + Rabbids Kingdom officially revealed for Switch [1]
  • Beyond Good & Evil 2 shown in any way, shape or form [5]
  • A new Tom Clancy game is announced [2]
  • A brand new IP announced [3]
  • At least one new IP is announced as online multiplayer only [1]
  • Aisha Tyler runs on stage and starts swearing at Yves Guillemot before being tackled by security [99]
  • Far Cry 1 or 2 remaster is revealed [4]
  • Star Trek Next Generation DLC announced for Bridge Crew [4]
  • The show closes with a previously unannounced game [2]

Sony’s E3 Conference

  • Destiny 2 alpha or beta test goes live during E3 [3]
  • Call of Duty: WW2 features in Sony’s conference [1]
  • The Last of Us 2 gets a release date [2]
  • God of War release date announced [2]
  • Days Gone features heavily [1]
  • Gran Turismo Sport gets a new release date [1]
  • Uncharted 4: Lost Legacy is played on stage [1]
  • Mark Cerny shows off Knack 2 [2]
  • Detroit: Become Human is out in 2017 [3]
  • Bloodborne 2 is announced [2]
  • New games in the Resistance, Wipeout, Motorstorm, or Killzone franchises appear [5]
  • A new game is announced and released directly after the show [3]
  • DLC for Horizon: Zero Dawn announced [1]
  • Spyro remasters announced [20]
  • Jak and Daxter remaster revealed [3]
  • Sony show footage from the Marvel/Square Enix Avengers game [3]
  • A new inFamous game is revealed [2]
  • DualShock 4 Pro controller revealed [3]
  • Agent is revived by Rockstar [20]
  • No new first party PlayStation VR games are announced [5]

Nintendo E3 Direct

  • A Pokémon game is announced for Switch at E3 [5]
  • SNES Mini revealed [1]
  • Virtual Console games are detailed [2]
  • GameCube Virtual Console [4]
  • Gameplay for Mario Odyssey is shown [1]
  • Mario Odyssey Switch bundle revealed. [1]
  • Splatoon 2 gameplay is shown [1]
  • New Advance Wars revealed for Switch [4]
  • Metroid for Switch Announced [3]
  • F-Zero For Switch Announced [5]
  • Fire Emblem Warriors releases before end of 2017 [1]
  • Fewer than 5 new first party games are announced for the Nintendo 3DS [3]
  • Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga remake announced [3]
  • Nintendo announce yet another brand new IP [5]
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is shown but receives a delay to 2018 [3]

Miscellaneous (can happen at any time)

  • Oculus Rift 2 is announced [1]
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 is announced for PC [3]
  • Mark Zuckerberg makes an on-stage appearance during one of the shows [6]
  • Binary Domain 2 announced [99]
  • Konami announce a new Castlevania game that’s a Metroidvania game and not a pachinko machine [10]
  • Kingdom Hearts III release date announced [5]
  • Someone on stage wears a T-shirt that hints of a revival of a very old franchise but it turns out they just liked the t-shirt [5]
  • Peter Molyneux is spotted, looking very sad [5]
  • Konami’s Metal Gear Survive is shown on stage and gets booed [4]

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  1. Nope. Not playing this year. Not after scoring a whole 1 point last year.

    • Come on, give us that astute judgement you’re famed for from the comments section and submit an entry.

    • Just wait until the last possible moment, then you can avoid having your choices ruined by any of the inevitable leaks this week.

      • This is a very good shout, but I’ll forget to do it if I don’t do it now.

  2. Aran beat me last year. This will not happen this year!

  3. LOL, chose some insane options to make sure I score insane points in case any of them become true. Or score really low just like other years :).

  4. Same here, I tend to pick the ones that I want to come true or high points. Which usually results in me getting very few points.

  5. Half-Life 3 gets top pick from me, because I’ve gone for it every year since it became an option and I can’t stop now! And of course I’ve picked Wet 2, because I’m rubbish at this and I don’t understand it’ll never happen :) Good luck everyone!

    • Soon as I saw half-life it got ticked.

  6. Submitted :)

  7. WET 2 for all 12 choices

  8. Haven’t logged in for a wee while but I fancied a punt this year as I missed out last year.

  9. No idea who Gabe Newell is, but the fact he may appear is one of my guesses.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if a new studio take on a new wipeout game now they’ve released the Omega collection.

    • Isn’t he the bearded guy with a fat neck who did those sci-fi films with that black, shiny guy with asthma?

  10. Who decides if Peter Molyneux is looking “very sad” or just mildly sad?

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