For Honor Player Count Down By 95% On PC

Three months after launch, For Honor’s player count is starting to dwindle. According to data site, GitHyp, the number of concurrent players on Steam has dropped from 45,000 at launch down to 3,400 – a pretty significant fall to say the least.


However, with Ubisoft having launched its first round of DLC, the publisher is no doubt hoping numbers will steadily rise again. Although damning, GitHyp’s data doesn’t factor in either the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One versions of the game.

For Honor is one of our highest-rated games of the year and rightly so. Despite its campaign being little more than fleshed out tutorial, the combat system is immensely satisfying, combining both fighting and action game genres.

The biggest issue it’s been facing is technical difficulties. Ubisoft’s unconventional approach to server infrastructure has continued to plague fans with disconnects and dodgy connections.

With so many great new games landing on a near-weekly basis, it’s no surprise that some players have began to peel away from For Honor. However, with more free content and support planned, it could just as easily pick up again during the quieter months, perhaps even replicating the publisher’s success with Rainbow Six Siege.

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  1. That doesn’t suprise me. I’m still trying to get the silly tipsy but will have to wait a month or even a patch so that I can get rid of it sadly the price will probs be a tenner.
    This will become like Evolve… Ubi needs to add more content and free. It’s too samey now and a wee bit boring.

    • Silly tipsy?

    • Del’s often silly tipsy,I’ve seen the live streams ;)

  2. I used to play regularly with Del and Roy, couple of sessions a week at least. It was great, we really enjoyed it. Sadly, as Del pointed out above, the game has limited longevity, it just gets too repetitive. It’s in dire need of me game modes and I can think of 3 or 4 possibilities myself just off the top of my head. Just look at other games and the modes available therein and you can easily see the possibilities.

    Sadly Ubisoft have really put me off buying any more of their games with their awful support of this one. Fixes take way too long to be implemented, new content is too slow to arrive and the networking problems were just the icing on the cake.

    Scrap that actually, the icing on the cake is that everybody is left with just one trophy to get for platinum which is currently impossible to attain, despite having fulfilled the requirements. Again, Ubisoft have known about the trophy glitch for months but have yet to do anything about it.

    All very sad really because the potential in the game is huge, it just needs some love from the development team.

    • Not the only one tipsy Tony in dire need of me game modes

      • Stupid SwiftKey aurocorrects new to me for no reason.

  3. Enjoyed it but traded it in while the price was still high as the connectivity issues weren’t improving and there was no sign they would do.

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