The First NHL 18 Teaser Shows A Goal Being Scored, Full Reveal On June 21st

NHL 18 makes up a decent part of EA’s annual sports line up, but while it may be mentioned at the EA Play Conference on Saturday we won’t see gameplay. EA has released a teaser for NHL 18 but allso confirms in it that the full reveal will happen on June 21st at the NHL Awards in Las Vegas. You can check out the brief trailer below.


NHL 18 will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube

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  1. I’ll never get the appeal of these sports games. Is it at least realistic and you can beat up other players and die of CTE?

  2. Oh wow, a goal. I am so impressed. In fact, I’ll sell my body to raise funds just to get this. I am that excited.

    Seriously? A goal? Is that…. a goal? A fecking goal? Granted, that is the main purpose of the game but a goal? Thats like erm… well, this. Even Saint’s Row The Third’s nutshot had more purpose then this as a teaser.

    (it was a pisstake though. This, i doubt it is).


    Just no.

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