Oceanhorn’s Zelda-like Adventure Comes To Switch On 22nd June

You might as well come out to play while the cat’s away, and the cat that is Nintendo’s Virtual Console is definitely away right now. Those dreaming of having every single Zelda game at their fingertips will have to wait to see even the first step of that made a reality and so, if you’ve stuck with my train of thought so far, that makes the rather Zelda-like Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas a great fit for the Switch right now.

Announced back in January, Oceanhorn is coming to Switch later this month on 22nd June. Having first appeared as a mobile game, it made the leap to PC and consoles last year. The Switch version matches the ultra graphics settings from the remastered PC release of the game, while running at 1080p60 in TV mode and 720p60 in handheld mode.

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  1. A good bit better than the Vita version?

  2. Nice. Not familiar with the game at all but I like what I’m seeing.

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