Bioware’s Next Game Is Anthem, Full Unveil At Xbox Show

Just a short teaser, with a full unveil coming in tomorrow’s Microsoft press conference, EA and Bioware have announced a brand new IP, Anthem. Long rumoured under the project named ‘Dylan’, this is a rather exciting, rather gorgeous looking game.


There’s a few shades of Destiny, as humanity hide behind a wall, venturing forth in mech suits to fight what may well be some kind of dinosaurs on an alien world? We’ll have to wait just a short 26 hours to find out more…

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  1. If this is the C studio that did it, ye shall be disappointed. If it’s Bioware’s normal teams for DA/ME, it could be decent. Though, Bioware doing this as an original IP Multiplayer focused thing is disappointing. :( Hopefully, it’s not and it is single player.

    Though, if it’s Fetchquest:We’ll bang, ok:Edition #342903293029320, Bioware may be on their knees.

    • It’s Bioware Edmonton, their main team.

  2. Dann. I had this option about the new IP in the bingo, but I think I changed it for something more likely at the last moment.

    • Did you chose Wet 2? If not you’ll be kicking yourself after that announcement ;)

      • I think I’ll be fine with my predictions about Bethesda. We’ll see… ;o)

    • Same here, I thought the days of EA taking big chances was over! Missed out on a 10 pointer!

    • And AmyHenning could have tweeted about ‘her’ Star Wars game not being at E3 a bit earlier – before i had filled out my Bingo sheet for instance..
      But i can only blame myself for choosing Battlefront 2 beta instead of live stage demo.
      So EA was a non-starter for my Bingo, which is kinda fitting as they actually had no games i was interested in.
      Even Anthemn, intriguing teaser but i got the impression (a) it’s more like Evolve than Destiny and (b) it’s all about the multiplayer. But we’ll know more tonight.

  3. Honestly I thought the teaser was pretty forgettable but I like Bioware so the full reveal will hopefully be exciting. I’d love a PS4 version of ME2 if they’re reading though …

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