Cuphead Finally Has A Release Date Of September 29th

I said before Microsoft’s E3 conference that if we didn’t get a release date for Cuphead, a game that’s been in development purgatory for several years and demoed at several trade shows, then I would be walking up to Microsoft’s head office and rioting.


Luckily for them, they did announce a release date for this long anticipated Xbox One and PC title will be launching on September 29th 2017 and with any luck they’ll actually meet this release date.

For those who don’t know what Cuphead is: First – how? Secondly, it’s a platformer with all the styling of a 1930s cartoon. It’s insanely difficult and insanely charismatic. I’m now very hopeful that it will launch at that date and not be delayed any further.



  1. I’m sure I’ve never heard of it before… not sure I like the cartoon style thought. But the release date announcement was a 4 pointer in the E3 Bingo! (Another one I’ve missed!)

  2. Been looking forward to this for a long time, too long. Nice to finally see a date for it, I hope it sticks to it.

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