See Co-op Gameplay From BioWare’s New RPG Anthem, Out 2018

Coming out in 2018, Anthem, BioWare’s latest RPG, is a bold step for the company, creating a brand new IP and taking on co-operative multiplayer. With the likes of Destiny to go up against, they’ve got a hill to climb… and going off the first gameplay reveal from Microsoft’s E3 press conference, it looks like they’re well on their way.


As a freelancer for hire – and yes, the quest giver had some good facial animation – you head out from the safety behind the Wall into the dangers beyond. It’s a hostile world out there, so you have a jetpack powered exosuit known as a Javelin that can essentially free fly through the world, even going underwater. The initial two players in the demo grabbed a Colossus Rig and a Ranger Rig, for example.

The game seems to support four player multiplayer, with dynamic events designed to drag you off your planned path, while you’ll be crossing your fingers as you pick up loot for something good. The player in the demo grabbed an assault rifle known as Jarra’s Wrath.

The game structure is certainly very reminiscent of Destiny, that’s for certain, but this looks pretty damn good.

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  1. That’s what I thought, that it’s very similar to Destiny, but also as lifeless. Where’s Bioware in this, there was nothing showing their strength telling good stories at all. Hope it won’t be a disappointment like Destiny.

  2. I was hoping for a new universe to explore with a sprawling single player adventure in the vein of their prior efforts. Obviously can’t blame them for stepping out of their wheelhouse a little but it’s​ looking like a Destiny clone. Underwhelmed would be an understatement but it’s early days.

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