Age Of Empires: Definitive Edition Announced, Beta Later This Year

Well this certainly came out of nowhere. Microsoft have announced during the PC Gaming show at E3 2017 that they will be bringing Age of Empires bang up to date. This popular RTS was a smash hit in the 90’s, gaining some popularity thanks to the remastering of the sequel. For the original game, it looks like they’re recreating from the ground up!


Age of Empires: Definitive Edition will now include updated gameplay with new zoom levels, as well as optimised path finding for troops. Lobbies using Xbox Live for multiplayer will be included as well as a fully remastered soundtrack. The base game may be showing its age somewhat, so it’ll be interesting to see how this “Definitive Edition” will shake things up a little bit.

It probably won’t be released anytime soon, but it’s possibly the nicest surprise for the young PC gamer that did like this back in the day and to celebrate the franchises’ 20th anniversary. There will also be a Beta later in the year and you can sign up the Beta now. There will also be announcements at GamesCom later in the year so fans of the series need to watch this space. Certainly confirmed for PC so far, but wouldn’t be surprised to see an Xbox iteration too.



  1. Awesome news IF it’s done well. The latest Civ wasn’t anywhere near as good as the previous iteration, so they have a good gap in the market to jump in to… All depends on the quality! Unfortunately I find alot of reboots of PC games from “the good old days” tend to look good graphically but then remove some of the features that made them great!

  2. yass

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