All The Other Xbox Console Exclusives & Indie Games From Xbox E3 Conference

There were 42 games announced for Xbox One at Microsoft’s E3 conference, according to Phil Spencer – we actually lost count, but we trust him on this one. So many, in fact, that if we were to put all of them in separate articles, most of them would have fallen off the bottom of TSA’s front page.

So we decided to do a round up of all the smaller games, the already announced games, and games coming to console for the first time as “Xbox One console launch exclusives” – Microsoft’s new way of saying that it’s coming to Xbox first, but might possibly not stay that way. Catch up on all the announcements from the show here, but for this round up, let’s get started with…


An Xbox One console launch exclusive, you’re part of a team of space dwarves in a one to four player co-op first person shooter where you dig down into procedurally generated caves. It’s currently in Early Access on Steam.

Another entry in the ‘battle royale’ sub-genre, you’re forces to fight and survive in the cold. Having debuted earlier this year, it’s coming to Xbox One and Windows with support for audience interactions via Microsoft’s Mixer streaming service.

A sandbox MMORPG with some serious graphical heft, Black Desert is an Xbox One console launch exclusive. The game recently released on PC, so those with a good gaming rig can already check it out.

Another Xbox One console launch exclusive, The Artful Escape of Francis Vendetti is a video game on hallucinogenics. You have to wonder about developers Beethoven and the Dinosaur…

Coming from the developers behind Gone Home, Tacoma is another mysterious game, but one that has you exploring the Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma. It’s out for PC and Xbox on 2nd August.

Lucky’s Tale is making the leap from virtual reality to plain old reality, or something. This platformer was a hit on Oculus Rift, and now it’s coming as an outright Xbox One console exclusive, in 4K on Xbox One X and for that console’s launch on 7th November.

Another Xbox One launch exclusive, Ashen is an intriguing action RPG as you explore a world covered in ash, with the only natural light coming from the eruptions that pour more ash onto the world.

And finally, it wouldn’t be a games press conference without a montage. Microsoft promised 42 games, and a good few of those were part of the [email protected] games montage.



  1. It’s a shame Tacoma is still a (timed) Xbox exclusive.

    • That’s the pick of the bunch for me. I’ve read about it before and it looks superb.

  2. I hate to be a negative nancy but most of these games look like the kind of crap Sony continue to give us with PS+ month after month. I’m not sure playing them in 4K is going to make them any better tbh.

  3. You hate to be a negative nancy?! I think every one of your comments on Xbox has been negative! Miserable bugger!

  4. You hate to be a negative nancy?! I think every one of your comments on Xbox has been negative! Miserable bugger!

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