Climbing, Weather, Replays & New Weapons Coming To PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Hot off the heels of turning up on Xbox’s stage to announce that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is coming to Microsoft’s console, but in the here and now, the game is in Early Access on Steam and it’s still going through an awful lot of development and changing.

This month, the team are really focussing on getting the server performance up to scratch and stable for the load they’re regularly being put under – no surprise when there’s 3 million players now! – but there’s plenty of new additions and features coming as well. There’s climbing over walls and vaulting that happens dynamically based on how tall an obstacle is, there’s 2D and 3D replays that will help machinima and maybe let you see where people are killing you from.


However, one thing you won’t really see if you watch streams on Twitch is how good this game can look, as streamers often turn the settings right down for the sake of frame rate and stability. You’ll be missing out on the gorgeous weather effects that are coming in, if you do that yourself though.

Further down the line, and not featured in the above trailer, there’s two new maps in the works, taking players to Peru and the Adriatic with a whole cosmodrome at its heart.


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  1. That cant come soon enough, so many times I’ve run towards a building for cover only to be stymied by a two foot high fence! Not sure, I’d want to stick my head up any higher though..

    So wish they’d put in a kill cam though, it would just be nice to know who it was that killed me this time.

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