Little Nightmares To Be Adapted For TV

Tarsier Studio’s recent hit Little Nightmares is the latest game to jump to another media, in this case the story of Six will be transferred to your televisions screens. The signs are this could be good as Anthony and Joe Russo, aka The Russo Brothers, the chaps behind Captain America: Civil War are developing the project with Nightmare Before Christmas director Henry Selick on board to direct the pilot, and possibly other episodes. DJ2 Entertainment, who are also adapting Sonic the Hedgehog and Life is Strange, are also part of the team.

The game follows Six as she gets ever more hungry whilst trying to escape from a vast ship called the Maw. The game left a lot of questions unanswered, such as how Six got there and what exactly the Maw is, and there is a rather interesting twist at the end which could be woven throughout the series.


No date or platform has been announced but this does sound like it could go to Amazon or Netflix.

DLC for the game was recently revealed but it will follow the story of The Runaway Kid, another prisoner who’s story will run in parallel to the main game.

Source: THR

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  1. Animated or live?

  2. It’d certainly be good to have a little backstory.

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