Monster Hunter World Announced For PS4 And Xbox One

The Sony E3 show continued its barrage of game announcements with a phenomenal first look at Monster Hunter World, coming from Capcom early next year. While you can’t always put your stock in rumours, we’d heard that a Monster Hunter title would be heading to PS4 and World looks as though it’s really putting the enhanced processing power to use.

UPDATE: Capcom have tweeted the game is also coming to Xbox One, with a PC version also in the works.


The trailer shows a hunter using various new abilities to take down his prey, including hiding in long grass, distraction, and camouflage. There also appear to be destructible environments that you can use to your advantage, dropping scenery on a monster to take them down. The only thing particularly missing from the trailer was any sign of other players, though no Monster Hunter game would be complete without the ability to team up with other hunters.

This is one game we can’t wait to see more of over the next few months.

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  2. Welcome back old friend.

  3. Not really my kind of game but i thought it was great to see a Monster Hunter game with that calibre of visuals.

    • Yep, same impressions on the visuals. I played the PSP game to the death, and the 3DS/Wii U versions weren’t miles different in graphics. Refreshing to see this new look.

      Why they didn’t release console versions in the west until now is beyond me.

  4. Woohoo! Finally back to the family where it all started. I cannot wait for this! :D

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