Remake Of Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga For 3DS Launches October 6th

With the absence of Super Mario RPG came both Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi franchises, which both have their own highlights. It’s no surprise then that the leak that Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga is being remade for the 3DS turned out to not only be true, but include extra features.


This remake will feature the newer art style and shadings, but the game itself is a faithful port of the Gameboy Advance classic that has more than found a home on both Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS hardware. It’s also perhaps one of the funnier Mario RPG experiences too.

On top of the original RPG, you can also play a side story where you take on the role of various Captains as you lead your army of Bowser’s minions in an effort to rescue your scaly master. These take the form of tactical battles where captains can use commands to rally your troops. It’s certainly a neat idea and having advantages/disadvantages to plan your squad make up certainly adds depth.

Hopefully the plethora of cut content is expanded upon from the base game as well! As for when the game is released, it’ll be on Nintendo 3DS for October 6th.