Sub-Zero Will Fight Injustice 2’s Superheroes In July

Sub-Zero is one cool customer, a lethal cyromancer of the Lin Kuei clan and one of the best known characters from Mortal Kombat. Now he’s joining the character roster in Injustice 2 to do battle with the superheroes and villains of the DC universe.


Coming in July, Sub-Zero is one of the first three DLC characters to be joining Injustice 2, with Red Hood having released earlier this week and Starfire also on the way.

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  1. Why is it always him or Scorpion who guest stars? Why not Kano or Sonia or Jax or someone else for a change?

    • the flashy powers they have rather than just strength?

      who knows :)

    • They are the iconic characters of MK. A lot more people know who they are.

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