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TSA E3 Bingo 2017 Results

As another E3 draws to a close, we’ve been busy crunching the numbers to figure out who gets to wear the ‘I won TSA E3 Bingo’ badge for 2017.*

Just to remind you, the winner is not the person with the most number of correct choices, but the person with the highest score. The points system was weighted towards rewarding those that chose the options that we thought were less likely to happen.

The keen-eyed Bingo players among you may have spotted that this year’s E3 greatly lacked the live stage demos, with developers preferring to show off pre-recorded gameplay or trailers. Because of this, we’ve relaxed the rules and allowed you to get points where videos were shown for the games as well as for the handful of actual live demos. That said, the vast majority of people only gained a single extra point from this rule change, and there was actually only one person that gained 2 points from it. It turns out that it didn’t change the top runners in any way.

Of the list we offered you, there were 31 options that game true, hidden behind this snazzy expandable section.

Here's what happened...

EA Play Conference

  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 is played live on stage [1]
  • New gameplay footage for FIFA 18 and Madden 18 is shown [1]
  • A new IP by a major EA development house [10]
  • EA quietly forget Mass Effect Andromeda exists [2]

Microsoft’s E3 Conference

  • Scorpio’s US release date and price announced [1]
  • Crackdown 3 is played on stage [1]
  • Forza 7 is a Scorpio launch title [1]
  • Cuphead’s release date is finally confirmed [4]
  • Microsoft borrow Sony’s current slogan and describe Scorpio as “The most powerful game console in the world” [2]

Bethesda’s E3 Conference

  • A new Wolfenstein game is announced [2]
  • Evil Within 2 [2]

PC Gaming Show

  • Total War: Warhammer II’s fourth race revealed [1]

Ubisoft’s E3 Conference

  • A Just Dance stage demo involves a celebrity [2]
  • Far Cry 5 is played on stage [1]
  • The new Assassin’s Creed is set in Egypt [2]
  • The Crew 2 is played on stage [1]
  • Mario + Rabbids Kingdom officially revealed for Switch [1]
  • Beyond Good & Evil 2 shown in any way, shape or form [5]
  • A brand new IP announced [3]
  • At least one new IP is announced as online multiplayer only [1]

Sony’s E3 Conference

  • Call of Duty: WW2 features in Sony’s conference [1]
  • Days Gone features heavily [1]
  • Uncharted 4: Lost Legacy is played on stage [1]
  • DLC for Horizon: Zero Dawn announced [1]

Nintendo E3 Direct

  • A Pokémon game is announced for Switch at E3 [5]
  • Gameplay for Mario Odyssey is shown [1]
  • Metroid for Switch Announced [3]
  • Fire Emblem Warriors releases before end of 2017 [1]
  • Fewer than 5 new first party games are announced for the Nintendo 3DS [3]
  • Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga remake announced [3]

Miscellaneous (can happen at any time)

  • Someone on stage wears a T-shirt that hints of a revival of a very old franchise but it turns out they just liked the t-shirt [5]

So, on to the results and, as always, let’s first check out how the staff did:

Rank User Total Points
1 Tuffcub 27
2 Aran 21
3 Stefan (teflon) 10
4 gazzagb 9
5 Dave 8
6 Dom 5

After Dave’s tremendous win last year, he’s taken a bit of a fall from grace. Instead, Tuffcub takes the crown, with quite a big lead over Aran, who in turn has a lengthy lead over the rest of us!

Of course, the bit you’ve been really been waiting for is the top five overall, with a three way tie for second place!

Rank User Total Points
1 Takyu 29
2 Tuffcub (Staff) 27
Erroneus 27
Kurczij 27
4 pvwradtke 25
5 chrishowells100 22

Congratulations to Takyu who takes the top spot this year! Not far behind them were Erroneus, Kurczij and Tuffcub, share a crowded second place on the podium. With only a couple of the big scoring options coming true, it was a closer competition than in previous years.

Head on over to Page 2 to see the full table in all its glory – there was a large range of scores, going from 29 points to just 2!

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  1. Yasssss!

    • Well, you’re an insider, it’s probably easy that way, with all your connections… ;o)

  2. Wow – I keep getting higher each year! I’m very happy to be sharing 2nd!

  3. 9th. I was banking on Wet 2 being announced.

  4. First time i’ve ever entered and i’m pretty chuffed with joint sixth.

  5. Hahaha, Nailed it!

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