Steam’s Summer Sale Goes Live, Wants To Empty Your Wallet

Whispers of Steam sales instil both heightened anticipation and gut wrenching fear in gamers. On the one hand, hundreds of games have their prices slashed all at once, making the Steam sale the best of times to pick up relatively recent releases and titles you’d been on the fence about. On the other, it can all to easily leech cash from your wallet, and all for a bunch of games that might simply be consigned to the Pile of Shame!

Those mutterings started a few days ago, and now Steam’s latest Summer Sale has been unleashed upon the world, running for two weeks until 5th July


As is typical, the deals remain through the sale with Valve highlighting different offers each day. Some of today’s highlighted deals are:

Let us know in the comments if you find any must-buy bargains.

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  1. You would have thought Valve by now would have figured out how to keep Steam running during sale launches…
    Shadow of Mordor is incredibly tempting, so is This War of Mine. I’ll have a good look through my wishlist when Steam finally decides to start working.

  2. There are 14 games on my wishlist that are on sale.. *sigh* There are games that I bought during the last Steam sale that I haven’t got around to playing yet.

  3. I laugh at Steam’s pitiful attempt to part me from my cash. Mainly because I lack the means to play most of the games and barely get by on a pittance which is somehow a billion pounds if you believe the daily mail’s crap about how people on welfare are scumbags but that is a damned lie as most of us hate it and would love to earn a living.

    Anyway, Steam, as usual, fails to lure me in. Though when I have the means and funds to, yeah, I may have to chain up the potential gaming rig, lock up my card, use a rather odd way of unlocking it via gems, pipes, cyrptic clues and biscuits.

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