Battleborn Gets Free New Supercharge Mode

It’s no secret that Battleborn hasn’t really done the business for Gearbox, but credit where it’s due, while you can get all Mean Girls about it, they’re still trying to make it catch on. Two weeks ago, all the competitive multiplayer went free to play – the co-op campaign is still paid – and now they’re adding a new mode and new maps to the PvP side.

Supercharge is out right now, as a smaller 3v3 mode where you have to earn appeasement points from Minrec. While you try to kill waves of minions, controlling the single capture point “supercharges” the number of points earned from your kills.

There’s three new bespoke maps for the mode – Ziggurat, Permafrost and Horizon – which are designed specifically for the mode,  and new Supercharge-specific challenges.

Source: Battleborn

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