Rockstar Addresses Grand Theft Auto V Mod Issues With New Guidelines

Over the last week or so Take Two Interactive has been bringing down the hammer in a big way on third parties that have made mods available for Grand Theft Auto V and GTA: Online. The first major shutdown was OpenIV, a tool that made available mods for the single player portion of the game, leading to a lot of outrage from the PC community which resulted in GTA V’s Steam reviews falling into overwhelmingly negative territory. After three other sites were shut down but these were breaking the balance of GTA: Online.

Now Rockstar has put out its own position on the matter through a support page that was created today.

Question: Are PC Single-Player Mods Allowed?

Answer: Rockstar Games believes in reasonable fan creativity, and, in particular, wants creators to showcase their passion for our games. After discussions with Take-Two, Take-Two has agreed that it generally will not take legal action against third-party projects involving Rockstar’s PC games that are single-player, non-commercial, and respect the intellectual property (IP) rights of third parties. This does not apply to (i) multiplayer or online services; (ii) tools, files, libraries, or functions that could be used to impact multiplayer or online services, or (iii) use or importation of other IP (including other Rockstar IP) in the project. This is not a license, and it does not constitute endorsement, approval, or authorization of any third-party project. Take-Two reserves the right to object to any third-party project, or to revise, revoke and/or withdraw this statement at any time in their own discretion. This statement does not constitute a waiver of any rights that Take-Two may have with respect to third-party projects.

Where this leaves OpenIV is unknown though one of the justifications Take Two used was that it could be used to affect the online play, something which OpenIV creator Yuriy “Good-NDS” Krivoruchko strongly denied. In discussions with Motherboard, Krivoruchko has since admitted that it is feasible that it could have enabled such practices, however Rockstar has said it’s in contact with Krivoruchko to try and find a solution that allows OpenIV abide by these rules.

Source: Rockstar, Motherboard

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  1. Spoil sports. They should be grateful for the mods. They make their bland game interesting. Maybe that’s the issue.

    • Whilst you’re entitled to your opinion, GTA isn’t really bland, is it? This is about GTA Online (mostly) and it’s about letting the modders have their fun. The fact that the game has sold so staggeringly well lets most people know that it’s not bland. Not only that but it’s critically acclaimed with reviews through the roof.

      You are quite, quite bizarre at times. :-\

      • In my opinion GTA V is bland AF. I don’t care how many copies it’s sold or how many gushing reviews there are. I wasn’t speaking for the rest of the world. Maybe you shouldn’t either. Peace out ;)

    • Bland?? Not really sure how that description fits GTA5??

      • I could write you a list of reasons but I CBA.

  2. Plenty of bland/boring games around.

    Admittedly, I’d never put GTA in that category but I don’t suppose it’s for everyone.

    I have a few that I’m sure people would grind their teeth over such as Journey, No Man’s Sky and (whisper it) The Last of Us. Having said that, I play a lot of sports and racing games and what could be more bland than doing the almost exact same thing over and over?

    • Never mind. Open IV is apparently back in service. Eyes forward, nothing to see here.

    • It’s more to do with the grown-up perspective and being objective. There are games/genres that are boring as hell to me but I at least realise they are nothing short of stunning to the majority of people.

      The fourth best selling game of all time has to have something special about it, I’d like to think.

      • You’re right, of course. Takes all sorts to make the world go round.

      • Avatar is the highest grossing movie of all time. Technologically impressive, maybe. Still bland. Convince the masses that your product is the greatest thing ever and they will come in droves. Rockstar are masters of this form of mass manipulation. Once that momentum gets going there’s no stopping it. Status game at best.

      • Agreed on Avatar. Nigh on 3 bloody hours I’m never getting back.

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