PlayStation Plus In July Includes Until Dawn, Game Of Thrones & That’s You!

Holy smokes! A big first party exclusive is being bundled into July’s PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection update, with Supermassive Games’ teen horror game Until Dawn set to grace your consoles for free.


It’s being joined by another of Telltale’s catalogue of episodic graphic adventures, Game of Thrones, and as a special treat, the That’s You! party game from the PlayLink range of games, which hook into your tablet or smartphone for social play.

On PS3 you get Tokyo Jungle and Darkstalkers Resurrection, while PS Vita owners can have a crack at Don’t Dir Mr Robot and Element4l.

That makes for a bumper seven games this coming month:

  • Until Dawn – PS4
  • Game of Thrones: A Telltale Series – PS4
  • That’s You – PS4 (4th July onwards)
  • Tokyo Jungle – PS3
  • Darkstalkers Resurrection – PS3
  • Don’t Die Mr Robot – PS Vita (cross-buy with PS4)
  • Element4l – PS Vita

Don’t forget to also grab June’s games before they cycle out of the IGC:

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  1. Ooo I’ve very nearly bought Until Dawn several times, especially with the sales lately, this is fantastic news! Already got Game of Thrones unfortunately but a damn good game nonetheless.

  2. Nice, glad I decided to renew the subscription now..

    I already own Life is Strange and GoT on Steam, but as they work best on TV, I’d rather have them on Ps4 anyway

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