Elite Dangerous’ First PS4 Patch Fixes The V-Sync

The PlayStation 4 version of Elite Dangerous released last week and there’s it’s the kind of game that’s going to be drawing a lot of people in. There’s something cool about having a vast galaxy to explore, whether you want to be a pirate, be a miner, or whatever.

Though it was third in line, game development is never finished, and Frontier Developments have pushed out a quick hotfix patch to the game to target and cut out issues with V-sync and screen-tearing that some players on PS4 have been experiencing.

The patch is specifically for PS4 and it weighs in at 83.89MB.

Source: Frontier Developments


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  1. Love the punchline Stefan!

    Tis properly addictive, reminds me of being 11 all over again!

  2. That’s the only problem with the game so far. You go to play it, discover an update (because these things never appear before the PS4 checks for updates), and then you can’t play the game even in single player until it’s updated.

    Ok, so 83.89MB only takes seconds, but the big day one update that only appeared at midnight when the game was released?

    And yes, the update required for the Spectrum version of the original game 30+ years ago took even longer. Weeks to send me a version without the stupid Lenslok thing that wouldn’t work.

  3. It’d be nice if they patched in an instruction manual? Great game so far though despite the complete reliance on forums and Reddit for guidance. Jump, scoop, jump, scoop, zoom, land, rinse, repeat. Love it :)

    • How many times am I going to have to repeat that before I can see Uranus?

      That is my actual main goal in the game now. Am I 12 years old? In many ways, yes.

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