For Honor: Dedicated Servers Coming, First Season 3 & 4 Info

Ubisoft Montreal has outlined what fans can expect to see in For Honor during season 3. Besides two new heroes and two new maps, there will be 1v1 ranked play as well as network improvements and a new tier of weapons and armour.

During its most recent “Fighter’s Den” broadcast, the team also touched on season 4 which will be going live this November through to next February. Again, there will be two new maps and two new heroes up for grabs. More importantly, For Honor will finally be getting another 4v4 game mode and new appearance options for equipment.


Easily the biggest news to come from the livestream is the announcement of dedicated servers. UbiMon has struggled to find an answer to For Honor’s network issues so they’re staging a complete overhaul. Exactly when this will happen is unclear though the team are already working on it.

For more details be sure to go and watch the first 15-20 of the Twitch broadcast. There’s likely to be breakdown post hitting the For Honor blog soon, too.

Source: Twitch

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  1. Hopefully this elongated beta test will finally all come good and they can release the game in a decent state in the form of For Honour 2.

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