Activision Plans More Remasters Following The Success Of Crash


Suffice to say that the remastered Crash Bandicoot trilogy for PS4 has sold exceedingly well and has surprised Activision with it’s popularity. “The game has outperformed even our most optimistic expectations and with the number one console title globally in June based on units. Notable given it was only available on one platform for two days in the month,” said Activision’s Collister Johnson in a recent earnings call.

“I think this is just another example of us really listening to our communities and our fans and offering them great content where they want to engage which is one of our core strategies. So we think we have other great IP in our portfolio that we’re considering of course,” added Eric Hirshberg. “I think you can be confident that there will be more activity like this in the future with more great IP.”

Activision’s back catalogue is huge and the obvious choice to follow Crash would by Spyro, but would like remasters of Blur and Leather Goddesses of Phobos. What would you pick?

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  1. Blur was really good, great fun online. Be nice is they gave that another go.

    • Just about to say that. Brilliant arcade racer, loved it.

    • Blur was great, but was unfortunately released the same day as Split Second and Mod Nation Racers. All 3 games were great and would have sold better if released separately. Unfortunately the devs of all 3 games are now closed.

      • Both a great and, quite frankly, sickening day. My personal title of preference was Split/Second but all were above average games and none of the Devs deserved to be shuttered.

  2. Nice bit of self backslappery Activision, very modest of you. Well done to all the guys and girls who put their love into the game, I’ve only played a little bit it really shows! Please, please, please do Tony Hawks… er, again.

    • Yes, the self applause was pretty cringe worthy.

  3. Any plans to port the games to PC too?

  4. Loved Blur fantastic game, would love to see that back.

  5. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series pls
    (Or just American Wasteland)

    • I’d pay for THPS 3 & 4 remasters.

  6. Tenchu.

  7. Crash Team Racing Please! Played it to bits. The only almost worthy Mario Kart Alternative.

  8. I would be very happy to hear that Spyro is next! Loved those games. And CTR would be a good shout too!

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