Smash Bros-style Game Brawlout Comes To Nintendo Switch This Winter

There may not be any Smash Bros. titles available for the Switch just yet, but Brawlout seeks to be the perfect alternative if you’re itching to get into that type of action again. The game was first announced at EVO last year, and it looks to have really shaped up since then.

While currently in early access on Steam, the Switch release should be with us by the end of this year as revealed in a new trailer shown by its developers, Angry Mob Games. What’s even greater news is that in the announcement trailer, it shows Drifter, the hero from Hyper Light Drift as a playable character.


Brawlout seemingly captures the essence  of the Smash Bros. gameplay down to a tee, but we wonder if we’ll be seeing other cameo characters included once the game comes to Switch this Winter.

Source: YouTube via Kotaku

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  1. ‘…captures the essence of Smash Bros. gameplay…’

    It looks like one of those blatant copies from China that you see all over the App Store!

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