The Lost Bear Will Be Coming To PSVR On August 31st

A couple of weeks ago Odd Bug Studios revealed 2D platformer The Lost Bear for PSVR, and today the stuido has confirmed that the game will be out on August 31st. Additionally the pricing for The Lost Bear was also confirmed with it selling for €9.99/£9.99/$12.99. The game follows the journey of Walnut as she ventures through a world to get her toy bear back from Snatcher.


Players will need to utilise the VR elements of The Lost Bear to solve various puzzles through the playthrough as they guide Walnut along  The Lost Bear could be a quite the unique experience on PSVR.

Source: Press Release

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  1. Shouldn’t this be a TC article? He ain’t gonna be a happy bear.

    • He’d be lost without me.

      • Fair point.

      • We make a good time. We’re the Little and Large of gaming news.

  2. Good price and the game looks interesting.
    Also Starblood Arena demo is live on psn if anyone’s interested.

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