Atari Are Suing Kit-Kat

The grand-daddy of video games, Atari, have released their legal eagles yet again and this time their target is the family favourite Kit-Kat. The four fingered chocolate bar has annoyed the legendary games company by allegedly ripping off the classic arcade game Breakout.

In a recent advert a group of people are shown holding video game controllers and playing a four player game in which they bounce balls against bricks which are mini Kit-Kats.


Atari say the copyright infringement “is so plain and blatant that Nestle cannot claim to be an ‘innocent’ infringer” and that Kit-Kat maker Nestle aimed to exploit “the special place [Breakout] holds among nostalgic Baby Boomers, Generation X, and even today’s Millennial and post-Millennial ‘gamers'”.

Nestle have responded saying they “are aware of the lawsuit in the US and will defend ourselves strongly against these allegations”, although you do have to wonder exactly how strong their defence can be when the advert was named “Kit Kat: Breakout”.

Stay tuned to TSA for further breaking chocolate bar/video game news!

Source: BBC

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  1. One of the only games I’ve ever truly excelled at (along with THPS/Skate). Anyone play Magic Ball on PS3? Sunk a LOT of time into that one!

    • Magic Ball was v good. A little frustrating, but good.

  2. The headline is the best. Shouts out a Tuffcub article.

    But yeah, seems Nestle will have to pay up, or else bribe a court of law with cookie cream kit-kats.

    • It’s what we call “Friday News”. I like Friday News :)

  3. “Take a break, take a lawsuit.”

  4. We had a girl at school nick-named Kit-Kat…

  5. Yeah, they kinda fecked up there. I didn’t realise it was copying an atari game but it is very similiar/ripping off that kind of game. Though i swear there’s been millions of clones.

    I wonder how many kit kats it will take for them to settle with?

    We’re getting smaller kit kats as a result aren’t we? Freddos will cost £1 won’t they?


    • Freddos are Cadburys not Nestle you mongoose.

      • They will use it as an excuse to raise it to a pound. Something along the lines of the Kitkategate caused all chocolate prices to raise as a result of inflation. You doody head. Yeaah, I broke out the big words. :P

  6. Yes, KitKat were clearly (completely) influenced by the Atari game but most people under the age of 25 probably don’t even know who or what Atari even is. So in a way KitKat have helped advertise the Atari brand through a whole new chocolatey medium.

    Although, I’m not sure people would have realised this advert was mimicking an ancient Atari game until Atari sued KitKat (I know I didn’t) but then we’re getting into some real Christopher Nolan ‘dream within a dream’ shit right there.

    Anyway I’m pretty sure no one suddenly decided to start buying KitKats because of the vague Atari reference. Surely an apology from Nestlé and a tour of the KitKat factory would be enough to make all of this go away. Hell, throw in a years supply of KitKats for good measure (Mint one’s are the best).

    • Personally, I refuse to pay the 60p for kitkats. Just smaller nowadays. That and my pittance of a budget rarely allows me that luxury. I may have just caused a dozen daily mail readers to froth at the mouth at the mere thought of someone relying on welfare having the thought of allowing 60p chocolate into their life.

      I think most people under 25 are aware of Atari but not because of the console years. Likely because of their…. erm….

      actually, you may be correct. I can’t think of anything they have done that is notable in terms of game.

      • 60p? How about £16.98 for a box of 12 tiny Kit Kats? If you want weird Japanese ones that is. (Wasabi flavour anyone?)

      • You should be arrested for that remark.It’s bad enough Freddos are 40p but a box of Kitkats for £16? You are a traitor!

      • But wasabi flavoured!

        And from Japan. Where they have all the weird flavours. Because, erm, there’s some reason. Kit Kat in Japanese sounds like the sound really cute puppies make, or something.

      • Not just you mrYd….
        Personally, peanut butter ones are the best..

      • No! Peanut butter is horrible stuff. Peanut butter Kit Kats are an abomination.

        Which is weird, because I like peanuts. And butter. And Kit Kats.

      • Finally, we have proof MrYd is wrong! ?

  7. I support anything that’ll piss off Nestle. Go for it, Atari.

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