Tekken Is Coming To iOS And Android

Hot on the heels of Tekken 7’s console release, Bandai Namco have announced that the classic fighting series is heading to new platforms with Tekken coming to iOS and Android. In fact, if you’re in Canada you can play it right now, as the rest of the world waits for Bandai Namco to be satisfied by the soft launch and ship the game elsewhere  – you can register your interest here for when that time comes.


This looks like a pleasingly fully featured version of the game – Dave has it in for preview, so expect impressions soon – with a story mode that has you create a team of three fighters to help Kazuya, Mishima and Nina take on The Revenant, a mobile exclusive foe.

Online head to head battles are also in the game, of course, while there will be live events adding daily, weekly and monthly content to the game.

Source: press release


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