Open World Action Game BioMutant Revealed By THQ Nordic

Over the weekend there was leak that suggested THQ Nordic was going to be announcing a new game called BioMutant, an open world kung fu action kind of game. Today that leak was proved right as a CGI trailer has been released giving us an idea of what to expect, along with listings on Amazon. BioMutant is set in a world where the player’s main character can switch forms to meet different situations, and in the trailer below that form takes on a smallish furry creature that wields a sword.


According to the Amazon listing the game features real time combat where you can mix melee, abilities, and guns, customisable characters that can equip various mutations and bionics that offer different attributes, various vehicles including jetski, mech, and UFO, customisable sidekicks, and a crafting system for items and weapons.

BioMutant is expected to release in 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: YouTube/Amazon

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