HTC Are Looking At Selling Off The Vive Business

Bloomberg, who don’t post rumours of gossip without a decent source, have reported that HTC are investigating either spinning off the Vive VR headset in to it’s own company, or selling it. According to “people familiar with the matter” HTC have had talks with companies including Google. Neither HTC or Google will comment on the rumour, as expected.

The Vive has been struggling to capture the market partly due to it’s high price which was recently slashed by $200 to $599 in an effort to stimulate sales.

Selling the Vive to Google would be very interesting, putting them in direct competition with Facebook and Oculus Rift. Rumour has it Oculus are working on cheap, wire free version of Rift and are planning to make Facebook the “one stop shop” for all things VR. HTC are also working on a cheaper VR experience, one that will not require a PC or phone.

Source: Bloomberg

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