September’s PlayStation Plus Includes inFamous Second Son, Child Of Light & RIGS

Sony are offering up a bumper crop of gaming on PlayStation Plus in September, with RIGS joining the regular selection of six games as a bonus title for subscribers. It will hold the same status as That’s It! has, so won’t to the best of my knowledge cycle out of the subscription at the end of the month.

It comes alongside a regular update of two PS4 games, two PS3 games and two PS Vita games, which this month includes inFamous: Second Son and Child of Light as its headliners.


That means the games you’ll be able to download next month are:

And be sure to grab the following games before they cycle out:


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  1. good line up, annoying that both top games for ps4 last month and this month i had previously bought, however seems like a step in the right direction

  2. Really liked Rigs when it first launched so will definitely give that a download. Hopefully my growing VR tolerance means I won’t get motion sickness.

  3. This is the 3rd time I’m getting That’s You for free, twice with plus and it also came in my Uncharted The Lost Legacy disc. Still, happy with Child of Light, one of those games I’ve always come close to buying but never gone through with it.

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