September’s PlayStation Plus Includes inFamous Second Son, Child Of Light & RIGS

Sony are offering up a bumper crop of gaming on PlayStation Plus in September, with RIGS joining the regular selection of six games as a bonus title for subscribers. It will hold the same status as That’s It! has, so won’t to the best of my knowledge cycle out of the subscription at the end of the month.

It comes alongside a regular update of two PS4 games, two PS3 games and two PS Vita games, which this month includes inFamous: Second Son and Child of Light as its headliners.


That means the games you’ll be able to download next month are:

And be sure to grab the following games before they cycle out:


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  1. Huh, a full-release VR title is very interesting. Nice to know I’ll have it if I pick up a headset.

    • Also, that’s 6 games for PS4.

      • 5 games for PS4. Just because Sony announced That’s You again doesn’t mean it counts as a 6th game.

        It’s also not on the list on the US blog, which has a weirdly different set of games. So it definitely doesn’t count.

  2. Great to see a PSVR game being included, i’ve only tried the demo of RIGS and it certainly gave a good sense of movement :)
    Looks like a decent month overall.

  3. I really hope this is the new trend for PS Plus and not just a short-term way to justify the price hike.

    Great line-up! Was very close to buying Infamous in a recent sale. Very glad that I didn’t! :D

  4. The rumours yesterday (of the 2 main games) were true then. Which is good, because inFamous is lots of fun, and Child of Light is lovely. But bad because I’ve already got them.

    But then they throw in Rigs? Which is going to annoy some people without the expensive hat. But since I just got one, I’m happy.

    A couple of PS3 games which suggest Sony are going to give up on PS3 games with PS+ soon.

    And pigeon based weirdness? That might amuse me.

    A good month then, overall.

    • I thought you didn’t like VR?

      Initial impressions?

      • I might have said it’s expensive, it makes you look like an idiot, and I’ve not seen a reason for it.

        But then someone bought me one and I’m convinced.

        Which I think is the problem. You need to have a go with it in ideal conditions. Not in a shop where you’ve got limited time.

        Initial impressions are it’s very good for some things but developers still need to work out some stuff.

        Farpoint, for example, is a competent FPS that is made better by the VR novelty. But movement is either annoyingly restricted, or “would you like to see my breakfast?”

        And yet Dirt Rally didn’t make me feel sick, even while bouncing around a bumpy downhill road.

        And Polybius throws so much at you and yet is weirdly better and easier in VR, and probably induces the sort of state the urban legend says it did.

        I’ll pick up RE7 while it’s on sale, that might convince me even more, if I can afford enough pants.

        So initial impressions are it’s fun, someone persuade me what else I should be trying, and I’m not sure I’d have paid full price for it. Bit more than a novelty, but version 2 for the PS5 (if such things ever happen) should be a lot better.

        And it works well for that 3d Blu-Ray everyone seems to have somehow got for some reason. And VR porn is terrifying and creepy. Or so I’ve heard.

    • Thanks! Sounds like it’s coming around in terms of quality and content.

      • Silly little things keep impressing me.

        The Heist (one of the VR Worlds games) for instance. Picked up a milkshake or a big Coke or something. Whatever it was, it had a straw in it. Obvious reaction is to suck on the straw. And it made the appropriate slurping noise.

        Or the cigar you can pick up and light with a lighter. And then virtually smoke. Breath out and smoke comes from where your mouth possibly should be.

        And it’s even better once you get it all setup properly. Getting a clear image instead of a blurry mess that drifts sideways involves some fiddling.

  5. That’s some pretty good support for hardware right there. Would love Sony to do this on a regular basis.

    Some people been complaining that those games are cheap to pick up and old, but I’d much rather have this over the obscure indie crap we’ve had in the past.

  6. Great month.

    Child of light is fab, haven’t played Second Son (played the wee add-on sequel standalone thing) and I almost bought RiGS but decided against after hearing about the studio being shut down.

  7. Better start practising at RIGS again!

  8. Wow. Since the games leaked yesterday I was wondering what had happened to Sony that they returned to actually giving us good games with Plus…

    Just sad I got Second Son and Child of Light already, but Rigs on top is definitely quite nice. I assume they try to convince people buying into the PSVR with it.

  9. Time for my monthly moan about the… Holy Cow, that’s a cracking line up.

    Second Son is an amazing game for anyone who’s not picked it up yet and Rigs has been on my want list a while, I was worried the player base would dwindle and the servers would be dead. Not anymore.

  10. Anyone know if child of light will be cross play with vita? pretty sure a mate of mine bought it a while back and was cross play

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