The NES Mini Will Go Back Into Production In 2018

Savoured both as a nostalgia trip back to many people’s childhoods and as a rare collector’s item, the NES mini – or Nintendo Classic Mini: NES – was a fleeting product that Nintendo simply intended as a stocking filler at the end of last year.

Of course, it proved to be in such high demand that it quickly disappeared from shelves and ended up being a scalper’s dream on eBay. Nintendo promise they’ve learnt their lesson for the SNES mini that’s out at the end of this month, but now they’ve also announced that the NES will be going back into production and will be on sale once more in 2018.


Better yet, they’ve scaled up production of the SNES mini to try and meet demand well into 2018.

Of course, Switch owners may be left wondering what this means for virtual console games on their new machine? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see…

Source: Nintendo

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  1. And they did this on purpose so that they could claim that it was demand instead of sending out few units to every shop to create a false sense of demand outweighing supply. It shall sell out immediately because it’s Nintendo and we’ll see round 2 of NES flogging on ebay. :-/

    Just put the 30 games on the virtual console at a decent price and people may buy a Switch just to do that.

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