Doom & Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Are Coming To Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s consoles have often struggled with getting meaningful third party support, but it looks like Bethesda are head over heels in love with the Nintendo Switch. They were there for its full reveal with the Switch edition of Skyrim (even if it took them far too long to actually confirm it), and last night’s Nintendo Direct had them announce that both Doom and Wolfenstein would be coming to the console.

We’re not even talking about the original 1992 Wolfenstein 3D and 1993 Doom here, but the latest and greatest that Bethesda have to offer. This is last year’s Doom with both single and multiplayer to Switch later this year, while Wolfenstein II will arrive in 2018.


You can see a glimpse of Doom in action in the Direct below, starting at the 25:45 minute mark.

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  1. Nice! With any luck these will rekindle the portable FPS flame, we haven’t had a good one since that one good one on the Vita. Also, Rocket League is looking good and that Octopath thing looks gorgeous.

  2. Chuffed with this news. Picked up DOOM on my semi-potato PC last year but just couldn’t get it running at a frame rate I was happy with. Assuming iD do a good job with this port, I’ll definitely check it out.

    By the way, Bethesda has announced that physical copies of the game will contain the single player, while the multiplayer component will be available as free DLC. Sounds like the file size is going to be pretty hefty…

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