ECHO’s Newest Trailer Pays Heed To The Voices Of The Game

A couple of months back Ultra Ultra confirmed that its sci-fi title ECHO would be coming to PS4 and PC on September 19th. As the launch date nears the studio has released a new trailer for the game that focuses on the voice actors of the game. First of all is the person behind the voice of main character En, and that is Rose Leslie who is famous for Game Of Thrones as well as the last season of Luther. Her companion is London and he is voiced by Nick Bolton, who most recently lent his voice to Hellblade as well as the Mass Effect series.


In ECHO En must contend with echoes of herself which are created by the Palace in which she is searching for something. These echoes learn from En’s actions so the way you play will decide how the echoes act. If En moves about in a stealth like fashion so will the echoes, but if En is all guns blazing the echoes will copy that approach.

Source: YouTube

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