Gaming Chair Company Secretlab Launches In The UK

The gaming chair company Secretlab has launched in the UK today. The company started life in Singapore and has been active in both the US and Australia for sometime, offering different types chairs aimed at the gaming market. They aren’t cheap though and will set you back a pretty penny if you decide you need one, but as its the UK launch the company has got a promotion going on.

First up is the Omega which will have an RRP of £399, but is currently on sale for £279. On the other hand you could go for the pricier Titan which will have an RRP of £449, but is currently on sale for £329. Why the difference? Well according to the chart on the official site the Titan can support more weight, has additional lumbar support and is taller so suitable for people up to 6’4″. There are other chairs on the site but they’re not available in the UK.


So if you have the money to spend and are in the market for a chair I suppose you could take a glance at them on the official site.

Source: Secretlab/Press Release

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  1. HOW MUCH!? I…. yoou can get a PS4 and a few games for that price! Anything that isn’t a computer chair is better but this? That’s taking the utter mickey. I know gaming chairs are expensive but come on!

  2. They look pretty good but a bit pricey. I got a racing cockpit for a few quid more than the Omega’s promotion price, and I’m very pleased with it.

    • Link? I’m the type of husband that avoids interference with the wife’s reality tv stuff which places my setup in the bedroom, therefore placing me on the floor or bed sprawled. A solid chair set would transform my abilities. *hopes*

      • Your wish is my command :)
        I went for the Art Cockpit with the RS6 seat. The RS9 seat is meant to be more comfortable but I read reviews that, unless you are very big, the cheaper RS6 is fine which I agree. I’ve sat in it for ages with no discomfort at all.

  3. Up to 6’4″??? When three of the TSA staff are 6.5″ why are we even promoting this sizist rubbish?!?!


    • How can there be 3 freakishly tall people in one place? What are the chances of that? I guess it’s like that weird statistics thing where little clusters of diseases (usually cancer) are perfectly normal and not in anyway caused by whatever the locals are getting upset about this week.

      Unless you really did mean 3 of the TSA staff are 6.5″ instead of 6’5″. Which really isn’t very impressive.

      I know. Shush. ;)

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