Microsoft’s Intelligent Delivery System Will Save Space On Your Xbox One HDD

Games are just getting bigger and bigger and bigger, and the built in storage of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One simply can’t keep up unless you replace or add to them with external storage. Even then, it’s easy to run out of  space on a 2TB drive when games like Battlefield 1 start to head towards the 100GB mark.

With 4K games for Xbox One X set to make things even bigger than before thanks to even higher resolution textures and assets – Forza Motorsport 7 is set to be 100GB in size at launch on Xbox One X – Microsoft have had to come up with some way to try and save a little space. Eurogamer have been privy to internal documents that detail a software system called Intelligent Delivery, which was revealed to  game makers at Microsoft’s XFest developer event.


It boils down to breaking up game data into different chunks, so that non-essential data can be omitted  or downloaded later. This seems to already be in place for Microsoft’s first party games, where Forza 7 will only download the 4K texture data when installing on Xbox One X and won’t balloon game sizes on Xbox One, but it can go further than that, and mean that only the voice and language data for your local country is downloaded by default, that single player and multiplayer data are separated, so that you can delete the single player campaign of Call of Duty once you’re done with it, and more. All of this will still be available on demand via the Xbox One dash. Considering that high quality audio makes up a significant part of game sizes, this will help quite significantly.

This also opens the door for developers to deliver their games on multiple discs once again – something that was once common a few generations ago, and persisted on Xbox 360 for larger games. Currently the system will allow for up to two discs, but the technical limit is 15, though you’d have to wonder what publisher would want that expense on their accounts.

Of course, the onus for all of this is on the developer, but as long as the implementation is simple enough for them to use, I can see most of the major players adopting this for future titles.

Source: Eurogamer

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  1. With all the advancements in technology, I’m surprised we have had to wait this long for something which seems so straight forward.

    As someone who buys all of his games digitally these days and is forever deleting stuff to free up space, I’ll be welcoming this new concept with open arms :D

    • This was of course a PS4 launch feature, and the reason why games were playable on PS4 after 30 seconds or so, but needed 30 minutes or more on Xbox one. Check out the kotaku story from 2013..

      still nice of Microsoft to join the party… Better late than never

      • 30 minutes? You’ve definitely never actually used an Xbox one. Don’t believe everything you read.

      • So you are saying kotaku are deliberately lying by making those numbers up?

        What about Eurogamer? I suppose they lied too and faked their timings???

        Get real

      • Incorrect, PS4 let you download portions of a game seperately, you could for example download the Last of Us single player first and download the MP in the background or vice versa.

        With this you more control over what you want to download. The point of this is to save storage space

        Microsoft is innovating, Sony is imitating and lacks any innovation. This is exactly why Sony is irrelevant in the world outside of gaming.

      • Or perhaps, it was different games. Kotaku doesn’t exactly have a stellar reputation. Fallout 4 on both consles take up to an hour to install. Mafia 3 takes a stupid amount of time etc..

        Different games will provide different results. I suspect that first party stuff will be quick due to them knowing the platforms inside and out.

        There’s also other factors, net connections, the method of the game installation etc..

      • How audacious. A guy questioning whether Kotaku and Eurogamer would deliberately lie and yet he himself has freely argued TSA of being biased, paid for, and basically unethical.

        The irony.

      • I’ve no doubt I could find some negative PlayStation articles on kotaku and Eurogamer if I ever visited them and then you’d be screaming that they’re Microsoft shills too. Sort your head out.

  2. Only saving the language you require is something that should’ve been in place years ago really.

    • It has been about for a while, the Uncharted 3 Multiplayer only thing on PS3 forced you to download other languages as DLC, I think they auto downloaded then you could delete whatever you didn’t want.

      • Yeah. On Uncharted 3 PS3 you can download the 3D, the multiplayer and the singleplayer separately.

      • I’m more talking about it being standard across all games than just that though. It’s a start I guess!

    • It’s not that straightforward, but depends on the users. I need two languages for many games, as there are different language preferences in my family. But, as long as we can choose, that’s ok.

  3. I thought this was a great idea until I noted up The Witcher 3 today on PS4 and realised that you can download the language packs separately anyway. Ok I don’t think you can delete the unneeded stuff after though. For somebody who is running out of room with 4tb I hope don’t implement this in the future.

  4. Progressive and selective download and background install has been a HARDWARE feature of PS4 since day one.

    It’s implemented in A very cunning ARM lowpower coprocessor, where all downloads and installs are farmedoff to,either main CPU just deals with the gaming. It’s also how the main part of the counsole can be off, but it called still download and install games and updates.

    To my knowledge, Xbox one is just the main jaguar CPU and that’s it, no extra smarts

    • Fucks sake proofread those rants before posting. They’ll be a little less nonsensical then.

      • It’s the spellchecker in your company’s edge browser that isn’t very good. Going back to chrome.

      • Err, have you actually read your post? It’s full of typo’s and lines that don’t make sense. Btw I’m posting on my tablet at home which uses chrome.

      • Kudos though for blaming your terrible spelling, punctuation and lack of proofreading on Microsoft though! As if you’d be using their browser anyway!

  5. I doubt we will ever reach the point where 2 or more discs are common due to cost, people hating it and digital downloads becoming the norm. This delivery system does sound pretty neat but i doubt it will be used much by third party developers due to it potentially being a bit of extra work that they may lack the time for. The PS4 is said to do the same thing but tis rare(it seems, not heard it being common) thus it could be one of those great ideas that rarely gets used by third parties.

    The day we see 15 disc games is the day that consoles have reached their limits in physical form. :( It will be a sad day when Physical games cease to exist. Call me ol’ fashioned by having a collection to look at on a shelf will always beat scrolling through a digital library. Manuals, are sadly extinct. I miss the days where games came with proper manuals and put effort into them. Even Rockstar has given up on it and GTA manuals were always good.

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