Where Is Xur In Destiny 2? Xur Is In A Tree

The eternal question that springs to Destiny player’s lips first thing on a Friday morning is “Where is Xur?” The tentacle faced representative of the Nine appears each week with a handful of exotic weapons and armour pieces in tow, willing to sell them to anyone with enough of the currency of Bungie’s choice.

He was a slippery little so and so in Destiny, always finding a different corner of the Tower to hide in and with everyone simply having a quick search on Google to see where he is. Much like how Bungie now show you when and where public events will be occurring, instead of having to rely on fan made tools, they also now show you where Xur is. A good thing too, because Xur can appear on planets now, not just in the main social areas.


This time Xur is on Nessus near Watcher’s Grave. He is in a tree. In exchange of a sizeable wad of Legendary Shards, he has four exotic gear items to sell, all at light power level 270:

  • The Merciless – Solar Fusion Rifle – 29 shards
  • Raiden Flux – Hunter Chest Armour – 23 shards
  • Doomfang Pauldron – Titan Gauntlets – 23 shards
  • Wings of Sacred Dawn – Warlock Chest Armour – 23 shards
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  1. I bought everything he had to sell, but none of it seems like it’ll be particularly useful. Still, added to the collection hey?

  2. Buy the fusion rifle if you play PVE. finished the nightfall with over 8 minutes left and had 2:21 left on the prestige version. It melts bosses.

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