Ash And The Evil Dead Join Phantom Halls


With Friday 13th doing so well it seems that many other developers are bringing horror icons to gaming, last week we had Leatherface in Dead by Daylight and now Ash and the Evil Dead are joining Phantom Halls on PC.

The update, Evil Dead x Phantom Halls, is free and marks the first proper appearance of Evil Dead in a video game for twelve years. It includes a range of Evil Dead inspired quests, Deadites, evil tree spirits, an angry Necronomion, and new locations including the Evil Dead cabin.

And the game is currently in Early Access and is on sale on Steam with 50% off until 26th September.

Source: Press release

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  1. One of my favourite PS2 games was Evil Dead: A fistful of boomstick. It wasn’t even that good, but at the time i adored it and played it over and over. Ah, memories.
    Would love for there to be another game down the line though. Great franchise.

  2. Twelve years? Ash was in Poker Night 2, 4 year ago.

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