Chaos;Child Releases On October 13th For PS4 And Vita

The murder mystery visual novel Chaos:Child will be released on October 13th for PS4 and Vita PQube has confirmed. In the game players take on the role of Takuru Miyashiro as he investigates a string of murders that coincide with dates that led up to his parents’ deaths in an earthquake. However Takuru does suffer from mental health issues.


As the events unfold Takuru faces different situations and it is these where players choose how these are perceived. The first option is perceiving the situation as is but he can also experience events through a positive or negative perception. Positive perceptions will give Takuru the outlook that events are progressing in ways he hoped, while negative perception could unleash nightmare situations on him. Each of these decisions will affect relationships with the other characters as well as what ending is achieved in the end.

Source: PS Blog

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